Electro-Mechanical Equipment
& spare parts supply

Wire and Wire Mesh Products

Black Annealed WireRazor WireHole Punching
Galvanized Iron WireHexagonal Wire Mesh (Gabions)Chain Link Mesh
Common NailsWelded Wire MeshSteel Grating
Barbed Iron WireExpanded PlateFence Netting

Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

Galvanized Iron Wire
Galvanized Iron Wire

Common Nails
Common Nails

Barbed Iron Wire

Barbed Iron Wire

Razor Wire

Razor Wire

Hexagonal Wire Mesh (Gabions)

Hexagonal Wire Mesh (Gabions)
Hexagonal Wire Mesh (Gabions)
Hexagonal Wire Mesh (Gabions)

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Expanded Plate

Expanded Plate

Hole Punching

Hole Punching

Chain Link Mesh

Chain Link Mesh

Steel Grating

Steel Grating

Fence Netting

Fence Netting

Mechanical / Process Equipment & Packages

Fire Tube Boiler | Water Tube Boiler
Parts of Boiler: Economizer, Super Heater & Deprecator
Electric Boiler

Waste Heat Recovery System
Heat Generating Facilities | Dryer & Evaporator | Waste Gas Heat Recovery
Compressor Afta Cooler

Heat Exchangers
Channel Type | Tubular Type (Shell & Tube Type) | Special Type

Cooling Tower
Forced Draft | Induced Draft

Vessel & Tank
Pressure Vessel
Storage Tank

Air Fin Cooler Package | Nitrogen Package
Amine Sweetening Package
Refrigeration System Package
Chemical Injection System Package
Oil heating Package
Air Filter & Separation Package
Rotary Compressor Package | Screw Compressor Package
Centrifugal Compressor Package
Flare Package | Heater Package
Caustic Concentrator Package | Hypochlorite Package
Air Ejector / Vacuum Package
Instrument Air Compressor Package

Special Products
Heat pipe Type HEX | Catalyst HEX
Steam Accumulator
Incinerator | Deaerator
Oil Heating Coil
Conversion Heater
Spiral Condenser
Low Findable Coolen
Air Coolers
Process Filters
Dehydration Packages
Process Compressors
Storage Tanks
Column Internals
Loading Arms

Pump Packages

Process Pumps
API Line (Latest Edition)
Horizontal Process Pump – Single Stage / Multi-Stage
Vertical Inline Process Pump
Vertical Barrel Pump
Cryogenic Pump
Hydraulic Decoking Pumps & Systems

Industrial Pumps
Horizontal Split Case Pump – Single Stage / Multi-Stage
Vertical Turbine Pump | Vertical Axial Flow Pumps
Vertical Circulator and Mixed Flow Pumps
Floating Dock Pumps
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Metering Pumps
Dosing Pumps
Fuel Transfer Pumps
Screw Pumps
Rotary Pump
Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
Displacement Pumps | Gear Pump
Progressing Cavity Pump | Roots-Type Pumps | Peristaltic Pump
Reciprocating-Type Pumps | Educator-Jet Pump | Chemical Pumps
Lube Type Gear Pump
Spur Gear Pump | Plunger Pump | Chemical Injection Pump | Rotary Lobe Pump
Progressing Cavity Pump | Vane Pump | Refrigeration Pumps
Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
Hot Oil Circulation Pump | Piston Pump
HVAC Pumps
Axial Spilt Pump

Water Pumps
Vertical Multistage Pumps
Water Transfer & Booster System
Horizontal End Suction Pumps
Submersible Pumps Drainage Pumps
Sewage Pumps
Effluent Waste Water Pumps
Shallow Well Pump
Sump Pump
Jet Pump
Booster Pumps

Oil & Gas Pumps
Triplex Mud Pumps | Mud Pumps | Triplex Well Mixing Pump
Glycol Pump
High-Pressure Chemical Injection Pump
Triplex Plunger Pump
Dispensing Pumps
Down Well Pump | Down hole Sucker Rod Pumps
Duplex Pumps

Fire Pumps
UL Listed & FM Approved Fire Pumps
NFPA 20 Compliance Fire Pump
UL listed and FM Approved Fire Pump Controllers
Customized Fire Pump Skid Packages

Valves & Accessories

Industrial Valve
Ball Valves (Threaded / Welded / Floating Ball / Turnion Mounted)
Butterfly Valve (Wafer, Lug, Double Flange, U Lug)
Gate Valve (Knife / Soft Sealing Type / Wedge / Flanged Type)
Plug Valve
Globe Valve
Automatic Control Valves (Prv’s / Pump Control / Float Control on-off / Rate of Flow Control Valve)
Air Release Valve (Single Chamber / Double Chamber )
Pressure Safely Valve
Solenoid Valve | Damper Valve
Foot Valve
Strainer (Baskit / Y-Type)
Relief / Esd Valve | Neddle Valve | Check Valves

Valves for Special Application
Stop Valve with Safety Bellows for Harmful Fluits
Stop Valve with Heatins Jacket for Thick Fluid
Stopper Blow-Off Valve for Bottom Drainage
Piston Blow-Off Valve for Bottom Drainage
Three Way Cross-Overvalves
Plug Vavles (Eloonite Line Types)
Conic Plug Cock
Double Line Blind Gate Vavles
Flush Bottom Tank Valve
Slide Valve
Change Over Vavle

Size of Valves: ¼ “to 80”
Service Temp’ : – 60°c ~ + 600°c
Flange Rating: ANSI, AWWA, DIN, JIS (ks), etc.
Actuators ( Electric / Pneumatic / Hydraulic )
Pressure Rating: Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 etc.

Material of valves
Cast iron / Cast Steel | Stainless Steel | Bronze | Brass | Gunmatel
Aluminium | Duplex | Super duplex | Special alloy | Monel & inconel

Application of valves
Water / Waste Water
Chemical / PetroChemical Industry
Oil Refineries / Storage Tanks
Pulp & Paper
Power Plant
Lng Liquefaction and Rre-Gasification
Marine Application

Pipe, Fittings & Ancilliary Items

CS Line Pipe (Conforming to API)
MS & SS Pipe (Seamless & Welded)
Ductile Iron Price
316L Urea Grade Pipe
Special Coating Pipe Polythylece Used in Weather Resistance
Special Coating Pipe Copon Used in Oil & Gas
Galvanised Steel Pipes
Erw Pipes
Square/Rectangular Pipes
Line Steel Pipes
Flexible Corrugated Hoses
Exotic tubings
Fiber Glass Pipes
Coiled Tubings

Butt Weld Fitting
Forged Fitting
Grooved Fitting
Seamless Fitting
Reducing Tee
Eccentric & Concentric Reducer
Stud Bolts & Nuts
Flange | Blind Flange
Plug Coupling
Socoklet / Wildolet
Sewage / Threaded Nipple
Orifice Plates
Coupling – Flexible | Coupling – Rigid | Hose Couplings
Cross / 4- Way
Pipe Ferrule | Pipe Flange | Pipe Nipple | Pipe Offset
Pipe Plug | Pipe Union | Pipe Cap | Pipe Adapter
Wye – Reducing | Wye – Standard
Spiral Hydraulic Hose | TFE High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose
Pig Launcher & Receiver

Equipment Gaskets
Flange Gaskets
PTFE Gaskets
Plastic Gaskets

Instrumentation & Contorls

Mechanical Pressure Measurement
Bourden Tube Pressure Gauge
Diaphragm Pressure Gauge | Capsule Pressure Gauge
Differential Pressure Gauge
Digital Gauge For General Industrial Applications

Electronic Pressure Measurement
Pressure Transmitter
Differential Pressure Transmitters Pressure Transmitter For Refrigeration And HVAC Applications
Pressure Transmitter For Precision Measurement | Diaphragm Seal Pressure System
Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter
Submersible Pressure Transmitter Electronic Pressure Switch With Display

Mechanical Temperature Measurement
Bimetal Thermometer For Heating
Bimetal Thermometer For Cooling
Expansion Thermometer For Temperature Measurement
Bimettaliic | Gas Actuated Thermometer With Electrical Output Signal

Electronic Temperature Measurement
Analog Temperature Transmitter
Thread Mounted Resistance Thermometers
In-Line-Resistance Thermometers For Flue Gas Measurement
Surfaces-Resistance Thermometers
Thermocouple With Fabricated Thermowell
Digital Electronic Thermometer
Temperature Controler & Recorder

Flow Measurement
Disc Meter
Compound Series Meter
Turbo Series Meter
Fire Hydrant Meter
Fire Series Meter
Electromagnetic Mag Meter
Propeller Meter
Venturi Flow Meter
Turbine Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
DP Indicator
Rotameter Mass Flow Transmitter

Flow Switch ( Electric / Pneumatic )
Level Switch
Vibration Switch
Magnetic Level Switch
Float Level Switch
Conductive Level Switch
Ultrasonic Level Switch

Level Instruments
Dp Transmitters ( Electronic )
Controllers / Transmitters ( Displacer )
Level Transmitter
Level Gauge
Tank Gauging System

Electrical & Communication

Wires, Cables & Cable Accessories
M.V. Cables | L.V. Cables (Power & Control)
Fire Retardant | Flame Proof Cable & Wire
Cable Markers & Ties | Cables Ladders & Supports | Cable Glands
Instrument Cable | Cable Trays
Fiber Optic (Overhead Lines) | Fiber Optic (Underground Lines)

UPS System & Supply Units
AC UPS System | DC UPS System | Batteries
Gas Engine Generating Set | Diesel Engine Generating Set
Generator Synchronization Switch Board

Circuit Breakers
Low Voltage Circuit Breakers | Magnetic Circuit Breaker | Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker
Rated Circuits | Common Trip Breakers | Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers
High-Voltage Circuit Breakers | Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) High-Voltage Circuit-Breakers

Panel Switch Gear / Boards & Accessories
Power Control Panel | Power Accessories | Power Distribution Equipment
Light Fillings – Non Hazardous Area | Light Fillings – Hazardous Area
MCC Control Panel
Switch Gear System
Lighting Distribution Boards | Relays | Switches & Switchboards
Local Control Station (Hazardous Area) | Local Control Station (Non Hazardous Area)
Terminal Blocks | Distribution Box | Control Relays & Relay Bases
Panel Switches | Push Buttons | Earting Material
Dimmer Switch | Safety Switch (Disconnects) Isolators
Junction Box | Water Proof Junction Box
Conduit Fittings | Status Lamp
Hazardous Area Luminaries | Non Hazardous Area Luminaries
High Mast Lighting Columns

LV Motors | HV Motors
Variable Speed Drivers – Soft Stauter
Explosion Proof Motors

Flood Lights
High Mast Lighting Clolumn
Explosion Proof Light & Fixtures

PABX System
Intercom System
Public address system
Integrated Pa & Intercom System
CCTV System, Monitor
Clock System
Paging System
Security Alarm System
Terminal Servers
Network Concentrators
Wans Network Routers Wireless Lans
Visual Signals
Audible Signals

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Alarms & Detection System
Conventional Fire Alarms & Detection System
Addressable / Intilligent Fire Alarms & Detection System

Fire Pump Packages
UL Listed & FM Approved
NFPA Compliance FIre Pump | NFPA Compliance (Non-Listed) Fire Approved
Fire Pump Controllers UL Listed and FM Approved

Fire Sprinklers Systems
Pendant / Upright Sprinklers | Concealed and Storage Sprinklers
Alaram Check Valve Assemblies | Zone Control Valve Assemblies
Monitoring Panels | CS and CPVS Sprinkler Piping and Accessories Items

Fire Hydrant Systems
Pillar Type Hydrant | Hydrant Chamber | Fire Water & Foam Monitors
Fire Extinguisher | Fire Isolation Valves | Landing Valves | Hose Pipes | Hose Reels
Hose Cabinet | Hose Cradle | Hose Rack Assembly
2 & 4 Way Breeching Iinlet With Cabinet
Dry & Wet Riser Outlets With Cabinet
Branch Pipe Nozzles | Adaptors and Caps | Delivery Hose Coupling | Miscellaneous
Standpipe Hydrant | Fire Extinguishers Trolley

Fire Suppression Systems
FM-200 and Co2 Fixed System | Discharge Nozzles | Releasing Panels
MFC 227ea Extinguishin System | Inertec Fire Suppression System

Fire Fighting Vehicles
4 x 2 (Foam / Water Tenders)
6 x 2 (Foam / Water Tenders)
Fast Intervention & Ambulance Vehicle
Rescue Vehicle
Van Rescue Vehicle | Fire Rescue Boat | Fire and Rescue Aircraft

FM Approved Fire Pipes & Valve
Fire Rated Door And Windows & Shutters | Blast Resistance Doors
Fire Blanket | Fire Curtains
Fire Sealant


Foam Fire Protection Systems

Foam Concentrates
Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) / Fluorine Free Foam
Alcohol- Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)
Military Specification Foam / Fluoroprotein Foam
High-Expansion Foam / Low Temperature Foam / Class A Foam
Wetting Agents / Training Foams
Freeze Protected Foam Solutions

Fixed-System Proportioning Equipment
Vertical and Horizontal Bladder Tanks
Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks
Foam Pump Skids / Precision Foam Solution Test kits

Discharge Devices
Foam Chambers / Foam Makers
High Expansion Foam Decisions
Water-Powered Oscillating Monitors
Manual Monitors / Monitor Nozzles
Self-Educating Foam Nozzle
Hose Reels.

Portable Equipment
Hand line Nozzles
In Line Educators
High Expansion Foam Nozzles

Mobile Foam Units
Mobile Foam Trolleys

Custom-Engineered Systems
Trailer & Skid Unit
Custom Pump Skid
Truck Mounted Units

Fixed Fire-Fighting Foam Stations
Foam Hose Reel Station
Mobile Foam Station
Water Powered Oscillating Monitor Station.

Self-Contained Foam Units
Twin-Agent Skid Unit
Premix Self-Contained Foam Units
Large Dry Chemical Skid Unit

Dry Chemicals
ABC Dry Chemical Powder
BC Dry Chemical Powder

Safety Equipment and Personal Safety

Eye & Face Protection
Spectacles | Goggles | Welding Goggles | Welding Helmets | Brow Guards
Brackets and Visors

Fall Protection
Fall Arrestor Devices
Safety Belts
Lifelines | Lanyards

Foot wear
High & Low Ankle Shoes
Gum Boots (Wellingtons)
Disposable Shoe Covers

Cotton Cut & Sewn Gloves | Cotton Knitted Gloves | Knitted Cut Resistant Gloves
Rubber Gloves | Disposable Gloves | Split Leather Gloves | Synthetic Dipped Gloves
Special Gloves | Electrical Gloves

Head protection
HDPE Helmets | Full Brim Helmets | Fiber Helmets | Ventilated Helmets
Cotton Caps | Disposable Bouffant Caps

Hearing protection
Ears Muffs | Ear Plugs | Ear Bands | Metal Detectable Plugs
Communication Systems with Hearing Protection

Respiratory protection
Disposable Masks Half masks | Full Face Masks | Cartridges | Escape Hoods
Breathing Apparatus | Sand Blasting Hoods

Protective clothing
Poly Cotton & 100 % Cotton Coveralls
Lab Coats
Fireman’s Suits
Disposable Coveralls
Reflective Vests
Chemical Resistant Clothing
Rain Suits

Safety equipments
Emergency Eyewash & Shower Stations
First aid Kits
Fire Blankets
Safety Signs
Fiber Cloth
Lens Cleaning Station
Solution and Tissues
Gas Detections Monitors
Head Lamps & Spotlights

Fasteners & Supports

Head Bolts | Head Screws, Fully Threaded
Socket Countersunk Head Screws
Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts
High-Strength Head Bolts for Structural Steel Bolting

Nuts & Washers
Nuts for High-Strength Structural Bolting
Plain Washers – Metric / Whitworth
Spring Lock Washers – Metric
Spring Lock Washers – Whitworth
Round Washers for High-Strength Structural Steel Bolting

Slotted Head Screws | Slotted Flat Head Screws
Pan Head Screws with Type “H” Cross Recess
Countersunk Flat Head Screws with Type “H” Cross Recess
Chipboard Screws
Washer Head Self Drilling Screws | Buggle Head Drywall Self Drilling Screws
Self Drilling Screws | Head Self Drilling Screws
Buggle Head Drywall Screws (Fine & Coarse)

Sleeve Anchor | Steel Plug Drop-in Anchor | Pipe Anchor with Bolt
Draw-in Anchor (With Hexagon Conic Nut) | Draw-in Anchor – “S” Type
Monoclip Anchor | Heavy Duty Anchor | Hook Suspension Anchor
Ceiling Anchor – With “I” Part | Plastic Anchor (Nylon Plug Anchor)
Chemical Anchor | Threads & Rods Normal Type

Standard Pipe Clamp
Standard Wood Screw Pipe Clamp with Rubber
Long Wood Screw Pipe Clamp
Pipe Clamp for Sprinkler
PVC Clamp Heavy Duty Clamp
Heavy Duty Clamp | Ventilation Clamp
Ventilation Clamp
Ventilation Clamp
Rod Connected Ventilation Clamp

Support – Expansion Assemblies
“L” Channel | “C” channel | “U” channel
Wall Hanger Bracket “I” Type
Wall Hanger Bracket “U” type
Wall Hanger Bracket “C” type
Cantilever Bracket
Ventilation Duct Angle | “G” Clamp
Duct Fixing Bracket “V” Type
Duct Fixing Bracket “I” Type
Duct Fixing Bracket “Z” Type
“Square U Bolt” with Cleat
Washer for Channels
Nut for Channels
“U” Bolt | Rods & Threaded Rods
Girder Clamp
“NPU” Hanging Clamps
Mounting Accessories for Channels